3 Reasons Why Sugar Daddies Prefer Less Attractive Sugar Babies

In real life, we see a lot of tall, handsome, successful, wealthy men going out with a woman who isn't a good match for them. It's frustrating for single women who are smart, beautiful, and talented. Why are they so great and still single? What's the point of spending so much time getting ready every morning? It has nothing to do with appearance. Men do care about how a woman looks, but maybe that's just because they care more about other things about her. This is especially true in the scene of the sugar dating world. We can see many best websites for sugar daddies looking for sugar babies, not all sugar babies are beautiful, generous and smart, most of them are ordinary girls. Perhaps the most important reason is that they gave sugar daddies what they wanted.

Why do men like less attractive women?

First, if you want to know why men prefer less attractive women, you need to explore what it is that attracts men. Few people give up perfection. If men were given a Porsche or Isuzu, most men would choose a Porsche. However, if that means expensive monthly maintenance for Porsche, with bills running into the thousands of dollars, many men will find themselves craving the Isuzu. Yes, most men don't give up on perfection, but for them, practicality may be limited.

Intimidation vs. The Low Hanging Fruit

Supermodels look so glamorous, which is why most men can't help but look at them. However, supermodels also have fast-paced flying careers and a range of eating problems; Let's face it, some men are insecure. So having a supermodel sugar baby may not be a happy thing for men. When eating out together, sugar babies may be covered by other men, and you may feel anxious. Over time, sugar babies will find other men more attractive and even richer than you. 

Meanwhile, some less attractive women are more accessible, emotionally and physically, and even more grateful for the attention. Most people crave long-term, commitment-free relationships with sugar babies, and for sugar daddies, such women are more likely to provide psychological comfort when they're depressed. Who wouldn't want to have such an understanding sugar baby?

In short, as men get older, many of them find themselves less easily seduced by perfect looks, choosing women who make them feel comfortable and less attractive. Mature men have realized that appearance is not everything, especially for older and successful men, who may have been through marriage, so they know what they want. Of course, you may say that the plain life has no passion, sugar daddy find sugar baby nearby is soon to experience excitement, fun? But you can't challenge new things every day, get tired. A man who finds comfort in a woman is hardly willing to step up.

The Cosmetic Craze

Of course, what men find attractive is also a problem. Outside Hollywood and the big cities, the criteria for being considered attractive are often different. While some women feel their $900 hairdo and matte rouge add to their vampire appeal, some men are not interested in bright makeup and updo. Maybe they prefer a natural look. Few men are attracted to women who are dirty and untidy, but serious men usually prefer a natural and fresh face.

You can check out this slideshow feature at Cosmopolitan.com, where men were asked to examine the makeup and hairstyles of common celebrities. Similarly, a natural look is much better than a creative, modern, avant-garde style. These ideas are opposed to what fashion advertising teaches women about their appearance, but the general attitude of men towards women seems to be that natural elegance and femininity are the preferred characteristics, regardless of their level of beauty.

Find the answer in real life

If you want to find the answer to the question "Why Sugar Daddies Prefer Less Attractive Sugar Babies" in your life, try asking your friends. Ask men and women separately, and you may get different answers from different angles. Every person has a unique quality, and it's only when you meet someone who appreciates you that it's magnified.


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