How do I get a sugar daddy who sleeps with me to commit to me?

As we know, sugar daddies and sugar babies don't make any promises because it's not a serious relationship. Sugar daddy and sugar baby are just getting what they want in each other. Sugar daddy needs the company of young and beautiful girls ; while sugar baby needs money, gifts, and vacations. So how do I get a sugar daddy who sleeps with me to commit to me?

A few months ago, I met an entrepreneur on the website for sugar babies looking for sugar daddies arrangement. He was a divorced sugar daddy, and he kept sending me flirtatious messages and winks. After we met for a month, he asked me out. I told him he wasn't very interested. In my opinion, he just wanted to have sex with me, but he wasn't willing to pay the sugar baby allowance I wanted. He contacted me so often that I was willing to give him a go - out without sex. By the third date, I felt like I could have no emotional attachment because I wasn't attracted to him. If I wanted to be serious, I wouldn't have slept with him so soon. At this point, I'm good at keeping my distance and not being tied down.

We've been apart for three years -- my friend warned me that he might just want to hang out with you, after all, he's only willing to pay you $500 a month for your company. However, sugar babies in wealthy cities such as New York and London get at least $3,500 a month. So I'm sure he just wants to sleep with me.

Soon, after a night of sex, I saw him grow cold and I grew attached to him. He went on a business trip and I ended it after a few days because he hadn't texted me in three days. I think he changed the second time we had sex. He didn't ask me to reconsider or do anything -- he said he understood. I just can't stand the fact that he's only after sex with me. I don't want him to go to bed occasionally when he's 24.

So how do I get a sugar daddy who sleeps with me to commit to me?

Let him know if the relationship is moving too fast

If you're dealing with a real con artist, disappear after having sex with you. If he doesn't, it's a safe bet that he's happy and satisfied with you, and he wants to have a long-term relationship with you.

After you have sex for the first time, you should confess to each other. What kind of relationship do you want, serious or uncommitted?

2. Have a good bedside manner.

Don't be ashamed of what happened. Be glad and pour out your spirit on him. Let him immerse himself at the moment and feel happy that he has won such a nice gift. If he wants to talk, talk about him. Let him share his feelings and thoughts beyond a part of his body. It was important for him to make only positive associations for the first time. Afterglow should be as good as sex itself.No worries, no commitments, no clinginess. Say how pleasant it is. Talk about your favorite things and experiences about him -- his eyes, his strength, his sexy personality -- etc. Flatter his ego, but keep it very subtle and not gushing.

You can put your point of view on this, whether it's appropriate or not, but the point is that you're not interested in hooking up again because he didn't earn it. In your mind's eye, if he wants to have sex again, he must try to win your attention and approval every time.

3. You should have a life

Remember, sugar daddy isn't like your old boyfriend. He won't be there for you all the time. Make other plans, hang out with friends and family, and keep yourself busy. Sugar daddies would love to see their girls have their own lives. In this way, he realized that he was a lucky man. You are independent, successful, happy, and don't need him to complete your life. It tells him that you're worth pursuing because even though you have plenty of other options, you enjoy his company and can schedule some time.

4. Build strong attraction by giving him two different messages: I want you, but you're not good to me.

He and you both love the chase, which is the main reason you want him to think it's just a one-night stand. Send him a message saying, "I resist you. You're a bad boy, you make me weak. This half-and-half interest and half-and-half resistance will make him try harder to hold your attention -- and yes, he may even do the unthinkable and talk about his true feelings for you.

5. Make him feel emotionally vulnerable as you engage him in deeper, more intimate conversations.

The real trap isn't the first time you have sex. The real catch is when you help him feel safe in front of you -- so much so that he starts talking to you and showing his emotional vulnerability. Don't say anything about yourself at first. When he starts confessing more secrets and enjoys his open channels to express himself with you, you remain a mystery.

Eventually, he'll be interested in learning more about you. At this point, you can start telling him about your feelings, personal life, and past, letting him know that you can feel vulnerable, that you can trust him, and that you can take your relationship to the next level. The sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship will turn out to be a long term relationship.


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