Sugar Baby- How to make money from sugar daddy websites

There is no shame in getting an allowance from sugar daddies , many of whom rely on dating sugar daddies to pay for their tuitions and get pocket money. Most sugar daddies are very generous, and they don't want to skimp on sugar babies. In fact, it's a nice way of making guys feel like a Super Cool Sugar Daddy. So I found a great guide for Sugar Babies from Adult Singles Dating that talks about how Sugar Babies can get everything they want by asking properly.

Date a divorced sugar daddy

Most divorced men want to make their ex-wife jealous. Especially when he's dating a beautiful young woman, he can't help but show you off. The idea is for his ex-wife to find out about you and be jealous. In the meantime, your sugar daddy will spoil you, spend money on you, take you to fancy restaurants, and give you expensive gifts. The most important thing is that he will give you pocket money.

Ask for credit card interest

Ask a sugar daddy about credit card interest and the best way to handle it. Your sugar daddy will start explaining to you that monthly interest payments can be expensive, and he'll start wanting to help you spend all your money. Because he is good at managing money, you want him to teach you how to manage it so you can ask him to start over and offer to help you with your payments due next month. After paying with a credit card, he can help you budget your money and will provide some extra cash to get you started.

Ask him how he managed his money so well and how he became so successful

This may be the best strategy to get your own bank account. Ask him how he manages his money and how he became so successful. Also, tell him how afraid you are that he will leave you. By having your own bank account, you'll learn how to manage more money, and have weekly savings account to spend. Tell him you heard it was a tax break so you can help with his business expenses. Your sugar daddy will think it's cute that you want to know about his business and will write you a check right away so you can deposit it in your bank account.

Cross your legs in a skirt and ask politely

Always show one leg and cross your legs so you look graceful. It's easier to give money to an elegant sugar doll than to a sloppy one. Maintain an elegant posture.

Talk about his car

When you were in the car with daddy sugar, he told you how much you loved his car. Nothing pleases sugar daddy more than someone talking about his car. The more you talk about cars, the more likely you are to plant the seeds you want, like his. In about a month or two, you'll have a brand new sugar baby car that looks exactly like his.

Exercise with him

Of course, when you work out together, be sure to wear tight pants and proper workout clothes. Fascinated by his athleticism, he kept grabbing his arms. Sugar daddies love it. It makes them feel like superheroes.

Never pick up your phone or your home phone and tell him your phone sucks

This is a good way to receive a new phone from a sugar daddy, just tell him you always want a phone or a new one, just don't have time to do it. You will have a beautiful mobile phone soon. But be careful, you'd better be a loyal sugar baby and don't use your phone on any discreet dates.

Tell him you want to dress him up in sexy clothes

It's a great way for sugar babies to buy new clothes. Be sure to tell him it's for him and that you want something he really likes tonight. When you put on a sexy dress and date him, it makes him feel very happy.

Remember, most sugar daddies want to spend money on sugar babies, and if you keep these rules in mind, your sugar daddy will be more than happy to spend money on you.


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