Is it possible for a 40s man to date a 20s girl?

Adam, when I was 40 years old, I happened to see sugar daddy for me on the Internet. You may not know what sugar daddy is like. After googling what is "sugar daddy" and "sugar baby",I decided to give it a try.

At first, I didn't believe I could find a girl 20 years younger than me to date. But here's the thing. I did it. Want to hear our story?

First, I registered and verified my profile on a website dedicated to finding sugar babies. Then I started searching for sugar babies in my neighborhood. Sammy from the University of California sent me a hello message and we slowly started chatting on the sugar baby dating app. At first, I thought she just wanted to get pocket money and expensive gifts from me, but gradually, I found that we had many common topics. So I offered to try the date out, and she said yes.

During our time together, a few of us were surprised by our relationship. When we first met, her sister asked if I was a pedophile, and I said no, that was all. Her family accepted me quickly and everything was normal. Her family had always known that she would end up with someone much older than herself. At 13, she had a crush on her teacher and coach. Every year we would go on vacation with her family, travel to another state, and spend about seven weeks with them.

The only people who seemed bothered about our relationship were a few single women my age who were frustrated that men their age weren't interested in dating younger girls.

I have several friends and colleagues who are fathers of teenage daughters. They would rather have their daughter date a man much older than her age. Worried that irresponsible young boys might impregnate their daughters and leave them without a future. A man of status can't, and can take care of her and feed her family. One of the men lived his nightmare, his daughter, now the same age as my ex was impregnated by her partner's boyfriend, and now she, her husband and two children live with my friend, both of whom work part of the minimum wage and have no obvious future.

My ex didn't have to work. She completed her degree. Looking at the constant challenges of her friends, riding a bike through relationships, being single, and serial dating, being used and abused by boys, working and struggling to make rent and pay bills, she thinks she doesn't deserve to have such a perfect first try at life.

After struggling on her own for a few months, she moved in with her parents, gave up her degree, started fighting for the MMA and joined the navy.

We're still good friends, and a lot of my friends are still friends with her, and I'm still good friends with a lot of her friends, and we all have a lot of friends that we get together. In real life, we have nearly 100 mutual friends. My parents still like her and her family still likes me. There is no hatred or exclusion.

As for the only thing we want, it's a lot of crap, we wait until we get married, so there, sex isn't the only reason older men date younger girls. In fact, on the contrary, instead of going down the rabbit hole of immorality, she went into faith, and I supported her by accepting the sacrament.

From my individual experience, older men dating younger women is not impossible, only when you experience it, you will know how fun it is.


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