Should sugar daddy lie about his age in profile for dating a young woman online

Do you care about the age of you and your partner when you're on a website looking for sugar daddy arrangements? Have you ever lied about your age on your profile? Most sugar daddies do this because they want to "see" younger, even if they do. But in order to be able to date a young and attractive girl, they often do. If you've ever used a dating site or app, you should know that if sugar babies set their age limit at 40 and you are 41, you don't stand a chance.

Do mature and rich men lie about their age in their dating profile?

The reality is that people do lie about their age. For sugar daddy, a sugar baby is a younger girl than themselves, but if there is a younger, richer sugar daddy to choose from, there is no doubt that sugar baby will choose a younger one. There's no reason why if you want to date a young girl, why can't she date a younger sugar daddy?

Why do older successful men prefer to date young women?

1. The psychology

Many men think women get bored, tough, cynical and nervous as they get older. They think young women are lighter, happier and more fun. Unfortunately, there is some truth to this stereotype. If you show a man that you are as positive as ever, your age won't be any different.

For all the reasons I've given, when you see a man, you shouldn't lie about your age. If he likes what he sees, he won't care how old you are. If he does, he clearly has a problem you don't want to deal with.

2. Anatomy

Men like young women because they think they have a better body and look more beautiful. We all know that this is just a stereotype, that age and beauty are not necessarily related. Many women in their 40s are healthier, prettier and sexier than women in their 20s. So there's no need to lie about your age. All you have to do is make a man turn around and he won't even ask your age.

Yes, you already know that men are visual beings guided by their sexual impulses. If a man is physically attracted to you, he won't have the energy to care about your age.

Should men lie about their age?

If we are talking about years, then the truth is really not necessary. Sugar babies don't care if one is dating a sugar daddy who's 48 or 45. But if you want to say you're ten years younger, I say no. It's unlikely to work out anyway, and even if you get a first date, you'll have to accept the fact that you're the most evil, meanest, depraved, depraved loser in the world. She'll find out.

The dilemma in the age of online love

Online dating introduces another factor that makes the problem even more intractable: search. Most online dating sites (and probably all) offer the option of searching by age range, which has been determined by the site. For example, the range might be 30 to 55, which means that if you're 56, you'll be excluded from the search results. Is there really a difference between 55 and 56? Of course not. But the search engines think so, so you're out of luck.

Dating sites can try to alleviate this problem by expanding the scope or letting users insert their scope. Many have done so, but the opportunity for discrimination at any age still exists.

So, can you lie about your age to beat the search engines and get results you feel you need to get into?

Lying is fundamentally wrong, especially when it is used to deceive others. But for now, I'm going to give you some space. If you find yourself at the top of an age range, I don't see any harm in rounding to the next year. This means that if you are 56, you can say you are 55 and can participate in 30-55 results. That means if you're 56, you can't be 55 anymore.

One more condition, I insist: when you meet that person, you must tell them your true age. You don't want to start a relationship with a lie. Of course, I believe that sugar baby clearly knows that sugar daddy is as old as his father, so be honest with her, she will not leave you because of the age difference. If so, why not met a better sugar baby on seeking an arrangement app?


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