Sugar profile blunders - Why you still not find your sugar arrangement?

As a sugar daddy finder, are you ready to meet your man in the New Year? Whether you're looking for a fresh start or just feeling lonely during the holidays, use a few of these tips to put yourself (and your profile) in the best position to find your perfect arrangement!

Want a profile that appeals to sugar daddies or sugar babies? Here's a summary of some of the failed sugar profiles:

Blurry Photos

The only thing worse than a blurry photo is no photo at all. Do you text people without knowing what they look like? Probably not. If you are worried about your privacy, you can upload any photo as the cover photo, but in order to increase the number of matches, there can be some clear options for private photos, so that when you find someone you are interested in, you can share them easily.

Unreasonable demands

It's one thing to specify what you want in your profile, but it's not good for you to ask for something that's really unreasonable. Some common examples are specifying unreasonable allowance figures, also mentioning that you want an “online only” arrangement is against the rules on our site and requires that you have any pornography on your resume. After the first meeting and greeting, save the details for a later discussion, focusing on who you are and what arrangements you can make in your profile.

Incomplete Profile

This may sound obvious, but it's not! Many of our users are so eager to get into the sugar bowl that they skip over the most important details of their profiles -- the "about me" and "what I'm looking for" sections. These are crucial when they want to stand out from potential Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy candidates because they want to know as much as possible about you and see if you're right for them. Take the time to really reevaluate these parts of your profile to increase your chances of finding the perfect arrangement.

Link to external pages in your profile

Have you recently received a message from our support team that your profile was rejected when you thought it was perfectly ok? One of the most common reasons a profile describes being rejected is simply because you are linking to an external page in the profile. Some of these examples refer to your social media network. For example, "follow me on Instagram" or "add me on WeChat" are not allowed. We value our users' privacy, so we ask you to keep your profile unlinked to ensure a secure dating experience.

Update your location

We can't tell you how many times someone's arrangement didn't work because they didn't update their location. For frequent travelers, we recommend that you constantly update your location and make sure to include you as a frequent traveler in your profile to avoid these types of confusion.

Rude or Offensive Content

Posting rude or offensive content on your profile will result in your immediate removal from our website. We have a zero-tolerance policy on seeking arrangement.posting offensive subject lines on your profile will not only prevent you from competing, but it will also completely eliminate you from the sugar bowl.

No Background Check

This is for dads. Babies are more likely to text potential sugar daddies if they see a blue tick next to their profile. Diamond daddies stand out in this category because the babies know they've been checked for background checks and income verification. If you're serious about finding an arrangement, you'll agree that this upgrade feature is well worth the investment.

Are You Using Tags?

We recently added a tag feature that lets you feature specific things about your profile that you are looking for. By using the tags, users can now access your profile and quickly decide whether they are interested, want to continue reading your profile, and may send you a wink.

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