Anna Sugar Baby Experience—What does it feel like to be a sugar baby?

I'm a sugar baby, 22 years old, today, I will tell you my true story about seeking arrangements with a rich sugar daddy.

First of all, it feels nice if you’re not hung up about the morality of prostitution.

I met my sugar daddy on There are many ways you can find one but you can just use Google to look up the popular websites. I can also recommend you joining some famous sugar daddy website, such as Sugar Daddy Meet, Sugar Daddy For Me, Sugar Arrangements.

My goals of starting out were just to make money as I was worried I would graduate from college with no good job in sight and my bank account was less than stellar. I’ve probably made about $20,000 within one year from having two sugar daddies which honestly is on the lower side and probably speaks to how inefficient I personally am as a sugar baby. I know there are other girls who make twice or thrice as much as I do - it depends on your location and somewhat, unfortunately, what ethnicity you are. The big locations like Washington, LA, and NYC will have wealthier men for the picking. Where I live (Dallas) the frequency of rich guys are a lot less so this is why I haven’t made as much money. I do know a sugar baby living in NYC who has a $6,000 monthly allowance - which is pretty impressive.

Some interesting things I’ve learned…

Obviously, Mark Cuban usually pays his sugar babies $600 per meeting. I met up with a potential sugar daddy once and he once had a girl who did have Cuban as her sponsor. I was actually like, “really? he should pay more.” Haha.

I’ve learned that society really looks down on prostitution, but some of the most respected people in society - politicians, businessmen, athletes, moguls, celebrities - will hire prostitutes for their own enjoyment. It’s a very odd duality. I don't know how do you think that!

I’ve also learned that celebrities are a lot more adventurous than they look. The first time I was talking to a celebrity he had told me a story where he had actually shared a sugar baby in an m/m/f threesome with an actual co-worker in his company. I was amazed as I had mostly been told all my life to not mix up professional and personal lives together in the office.

I’ve learned that rich men are actually quite interesting people in their own right. They tend to travel more so than your average person, are well versed in politics, and have some interesting life experiences. I’ve always enjoyed having dinner with my sugar daddy.

Important things I’ve learned…

I’ve learned that rich men are quite fond of cheating. There is a sense of entitlement when it comes to rich men about having an affair because they are the primary breadwinner and I’ve seen this expressed more than once. My sugar daddy is married and has a beautiful wife but he still has a weakness for younger women. Monogamy means nothing to these types of people. I generally prefer unmarried, divorced men but sometimes you have to reconcile the fact that a lot of married men have a demand for sex workers.

I gradually realized that my appearance made me popular on the sugar date website. Therefore, I want to tell the young girls who want to become sugar babies, take care of your appearance before becoming a sugar baby. But to participate in this world of entertaining wealth, you realize that there are many beautiful girls competing for this kind of attention. So, you start to realize that your personality is only 20% of your "package"... this can be very frustrating. As a person who has never been beautiful in high school and later bloomed in college, it is very disturbing. The feeling of being easily replaced sometimes makes me feel depressed. As a young woman, I am not used to it.

I understand that the secret arrangement relationship is very profitable. If people want to criticize young women who are considering or seeking a mutually beneficial relationship, I think society needs to address the economic needs of low-level working-class women. For example, I think the minimum wage is not enough to take care of children. University tuition is the number one reason why most young women become sugar babies.

I have learned that money-based relationships actually look more satisfying than on paper. When I dated love, there was some pressure on both sides due to the lack of financial security. So now, if I go back to regular dating, I will understand the real life of a woman who wants a stable and economically wealthy man. I would rather date someone who makes more money than me.


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