Where to Hang out with Your Sugar Daddy in a City Like Vancouver?

Do you want to hang out with your rich sugar daddy in Canada? Vancouver cannot be missed. This because Vancouver is top Canadian city for Sugar Daddies. When it comes to cities where rich men are looking to be matched up with young women they can spoil, Vancouver is the top spot in Canada.

Survey results released by the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby “matchmaking” website SugarBabyMeeting.com rank the top 30 North American cities for “sugar daddies” per capita and Vancouver lands way up there in the number two spot.

The site’s official definition of this kind of guy reads as follows: “A Sugar Daddy is a man who is successful and generous, and willing to provide a certain lifestyle for a young, attractive person in return for friendship or companionship.”

Sugar Babies, by the way, are: “Attractive people looking for the finer things in life. They appreciate exotic trips and gifts. Sugar Babies get to experience a luxurious lifestyle, and meet wealthy people on a regular basis.”

Best Places To Enjoy A Night Out With Your Sugar Daddy In Vancouver

When you meet a sugar daddy in Vancouver and decide to meet for the first time, you may be wondering what kinds of fun things can be done with them. You’re already nervous enough, and finding a place you can enjoy together can be a bit difficult.

Stanley Park

If you sugar daddy looking to go on a walk with you, then go to the Stanley Park located in the downtown of Vancouver. It's a natural rainforest that touches the ocean right in the midst of the city. There are so many free things to do in Stanley Park: biking or walking the seawall, nature walks on the park's miles of forest trails, exploring the Stanley Park gardens, or visiting the totem poles.

The Blues Can

Once you and your sugar daddy narrow down a date, suggest going to The Blues Can. It’s a small blues bar that hosts music every evening, which means it’s a romantic setting with jazz and blues playing. And, the food isn’t that bad with its Louisiana-style cuisine.

Of course, your sugar daddy needs to book the reservation for the night to ensure it happens. That, or you can make the suggestion to book it if they’re too busy to do so at the moment.

Royal Vancouver Yacht Club

The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club is a yacht club located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Royal Vancouver Yacht Club currently operates two marinas, the one at Jericho Beach in English Bay and another in Coal Harbour. The Jericho site includes a clubhouse, two restaurants, and berths enough for 350 as well as a dinghy dock, the Coal Harbour site has approximately 350 berths, some with covered moorage, and is also the location of the Mermaid Inn.

Yuk Yuk’s

One of the first dates you can have with a sugar daddy is a comedy club venture. Yuk Yuk’s often has some of Canada’s greatest comedians come to entertain the public. When out with your sugar daddy, sit in the back and enjoy the time with him and have some laughs. Yuk Yuk’s has both an early and late-night show, so you can decide which show is for the kind of evening you want.


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